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Frequently Asked Questions is not a lender and does not broker any type of payday advance loans. The decision to borrow money is always a serious one. We encourage consumers to consider the risks associated with short-term loan borrowing and also to investigate all other means of obtaining emergency cash funds.

Payday loans are designed to be used by consumers for unexpected financial situations which arise and for which there is no other alternative borrowing option. Payday loans should never be considered as a solution to long-term financial debt problems. In truth, they can make a bad situation much worse for the borrower.

Please remember that is not a lender. Our only goal is to successfully match an applicant with an appropriate payday loan lender. Not everyone will qualify for a payday loan and acceptance is never guaranteed. Applying for a payday loan by no means indicates that you will be approved.

Here we offer answers to many of the most commonly asked questions regarding payday loans. is not a lender and does not broker short-term loans. This website collects information which you provide and then shares it with one or more payday loan lenders within our network. Applying for an online payday loan does not guarantee acceptance. Not everyone will qualify for a payday loan. provides a free referral service to consumers who are searching for online loan options. The information which you provide on the online application form is on a voluntary basis only. Knowingly giving false information on a loan application is a crime.

This website is not affiliated with any lender and does not endorse any product or service which is offered. Every lender makes the approval decision independently based on their specific requirements. has no influence in either the approval process or dictating the terms and conditions of any loan.

Not all lenders can provide the maximum amount of funds ($1000) and there is no guarantee of the amount of cash funds you will be approved for, if any. Not all lenders offer same day cash transfer times.

Payday loans are not available in every state and the list of states allowing online short-term loans may change at any time, without prior notice. Residents of GA, NY, MA, VA, and WV are not eligible to apply. Any questions or concerns related to your loan should be directed to your specific lender.